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All Addon Insurance Products

Dental Savings

Save 20% to 50% on most dental care procedures: check-ups, cleanings, fillings, root canals and more

Foundation Dental

Foundation Dental plans include coverage for necessary dental treatments in three different classes of service, which may be subject to age or frequency limitations.

Foundation Vision

A Covered Person may choose a provider of his or her choice, and may choose the services of a provider who is a VSP provider or an Out-of-Network provider.

Freedom Spirit

Coverage is available to members ages 18 through 64. Benefits will decrease to 65% of the Principal Sum at age 70, 45% of the Principal Sum at age 75, 30% of the Principal Sum at age 80, and 15% of the Principal Sum at age 85.

Freedom Spirit Plus

With the Freedom Spirit membership level of the Med-Sense Guaranteed Association you will have financial assistance in the event of a covered Accidental Death or Dismemberment. There are two optional coverage amounts.

Safeguard Critical Illness

Critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, and strokes have dramatically increased over the years. Safeguard Critical Illness insurance may be able to help pay unexpected out of pocket costs. Safeguard Critical Illness is available for Individual or Family Coverage.

Sentry Accident Plan

Sentry Accident Plans are available to Med-Sense Guaranteed Association members. These can help members manage: Out-of-pocket costs, Medical bills, Drug costs, Co-pays and deductibles.

USA+ Dental

All members will begin at the lowest coinsurance level. Members will advance to year two coinsurance level only if a claim is received in the first Benefit Period and any applicable waiting periods for the service have been satisfied. Members will advance to year three coinsurance level only if a claim is received in the second Benefit Period.