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Changing our Spam Filter

Over the past two years, as our website has grown and our workloads increased, our agents have increasingly been subject to spam phone calls and emails. Every day at least 10-15 emails would flood each agents mailbox, with 50 agents that's almost 500 false negatives each day. While a few spam emails a day will slip past almsot every spam filter, this was just too many. We use our own on-premise exchange system and it was getting inundated with these malicious emails. We were an existing user of spamassassin but it was time to find a new antispam service, preferably hosted in the cloud. We didn't want to pay for a big brand spam filter, so we tried the small ones. We tried spamexperts first. It seemed easy to use. Unfortunately, the on-boarding process was a bit clunky. The fileting wasn't bad, but it still let a lot fo emails through. We felt that spamexperts wasn't such an expert after all. Next we tried oikik, another hosted antispam service . They are a new contender in the email filtering space and honestly if wasn't referred by a friend I wouldn't even probably find it on google. Their system was very easy to sign-up for, did not require any interaction with their sales department, and switching to oikik was as easy as changing our domain's MX records. Since the switch we saw our spam cut to 1-2/day, and often zero spam in the inbox. The best part is that they have very few false positives, so legitimate emails are never caught or rejected.