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Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term health insurance, sometimes called Term health insurance or Temporary health insurance, is designed to help bridge gaps in your health care coverage during times of transition. This flexibility makes Short Term Health Insurance very affordable. It iss a major medical insurance alternative to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Different levels of benefits among plans means you choose the right coverage for you.

Short-term plans are not regulated by the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), so they are still available year-round. For people who missed open enrollment and do not have a qualifying event that allows them to purchase an ACA-compliant plan, a short-term policy can be a good solution to bridge a short gap until general open enrollment begins again, or until an expected qualifying event.

Lose your job, recent college graduate, divorced, or retired and not quite eligible for Medicare? Then consider short-term insurance.

Limited Health Insurance

A Limited Benefit Medical plan is not a comprehensive major medical plan, nor is it intended to replace a major medical plan. The plan is intended to provide you, and your covered dependents, with basic insurance coverage that is capped at specific amounts for specific services.

Despite various movements to overhaul health care delivery and funding in the US, the standard for providing health insurance is still employer-based. If you do not have “traditional” health coverage through your employer, you may be eligible to elect coverage under a limited benefit medical plan.

Benefits of Short Term Health Insurance

  • Available to purchase at any time

    Unlike Marketplace plans term health insurance is available throughout the years. You can get insurance now without risking the financial burden of medical expenses waiting for the next annual open enrollment period. Term health coverage is available as soon as the day after enrolling

  • Less expensive option

    Term health insurance plans from have very inexpensive premiums, plan premiums can cost half of what is being charged for a Marketplace plan also called ACA or Obamacare plan.

  • Choice of providers

    With term health care insurance, enrollees are able to choose the doctor and hospital of their choice unlike ACA and Obamacare plans where the insured must go to a provider in-network. NationsHealthInsurance plans offer a broad range of providers and are accepted at many of the top hospitals and cancer centers in the country.

  • Protection for your health and finances

    Term health plans are designed to protect your health and your finances in the event of a serious illness or injury. High medical bills can put a burden on your family and finances, term health plans offer protection that is low cost and provides more coverage than most short term health plans including options for discount drug cards, vision, and dental insurance.