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Obamacare plans are not the only option

Welcome to Nations Health Insurance

“Nations Health Insurance's diverse line of term health insurance plans serves all types of consumers from thirty days to 364 days. We help people find affordable health insurance that fits their budget and lifestyle.”

Nations Health Insurance is committed to helping consumers find affordable solutions to their healthcare needs. Consumers who are not satisfied with their current health plan may want to look at term health insurance as an alternative to plans sold on Healthcare.gov or their state exchange from NationsHealthInsurance.com. Term health insurance plans are less expensive to Obamacare plans and are available throughout the year not just during a limited enrollment period. We offer a broad range of plans that allow you to choose the deductible and out-of-pocket payments you can afford and term health insurance benefits are often available as early as the next day.

Nations Health Insurance's term health plans offer these benefits:

  • Premiums for most eligible consumers are less than half of an Obamacare plan
  • Freedom to choose your doctor and hospital
  • Open enrollment throughout the year
  • Plans are underwritten by insurers with a strong commitment to customer service and many are rated A+ Superior strength from A.M. Best.

Once you have had time to compare plans and learn about the coverage they offer, you are able to enroll online and have health insurance coverage as soon as the next day. If you are ever unsatisfied with your health plan or no longer need it, you can cancel your plan at any time without penalty.

By enrolling in a term health plan on Nations Health Insurance you will have the confidence of knowing you purchased insurance from Nations Health Insurance's team of healthcare trendsetters and we GUARANTEE that premiums for all term health plans offered on Nations Health Insurance are the lowest price available.

At Nations Health Insurance we value your feedback! Tell us what you think at comments@nationshealthinsurance.com.

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