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Term Health Insurance - Low Cost Health Plans

People who are investigating insurance options should take a look at term health insurance. Term health coverage is purchased for a specified period of time usually from thirty days to 364 days. Term health plans offer affordable health care to people who for one reason or another maybe without health insurance coverage for a period of time. NationsHealthInsurance.com offers insurance plans that are affordable and offer the flexibility you require to meet your needs.

If any of the following circumstances applies to you, term health insurance may be the right choice for you:

  • Are 26 years of age and no longer covered under your parents insurance
  • Are a student or recent graduate
  • Are a temporary or part time employee
  • Are laid off or are between jobs
  • Are retired but are too young for Medicare
  • Didn't enroll in an Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare plan during the annual enrollment period.
  • Have lost your job and looking for a less expensive alternative to COBRA
  • Must wait to qualify for a job based health plan

Thousands of people are turning to term health insurance as a more affordable alternative to other more expensive health care options and protecting themselves from overwhelming burden of an unexpected illness or injury. NationsHealthInsurance will help you get the plan that is right for you.

Why choose Term Health Plans?

Available to purchase at any time

Unlike Marketplace plans term health insurance is available throughout the years. You can get insurance now without risking the financial burden of medical expenses waiting for the next annual open enrollment period. Term health coverage is available as soon as the day after enrolling

Less expensive option

Term health insurance plans from NationsHealthInsurance.com have very inexpensive premiums, plan premiums can cost half of what is being charged for a Marketplace plan also called ACA or Obamacare plan.

Choice of providers

With term health care insurance, enrollees are able to choose the doctor and hospital of their choice unlike ACA and Obamacare plans where the insured must go to a provider in-network. NationsHealthInsurance plans offer a broad range of providers and are accepted at many of the top hospitals and cancer centers in the country.

Protection for your health and finances

Term health plans are designed to protect your health and your finances in the event of a serious illness or injury. High medical bills can put a burden on your family and finances, NationsHealthInsurance.com term health plans offer protection that is low cost and provides more coverage than most short term health plans including options for discount drug cards, vision, and dental insurance.

Term health Insurance vs. Obamacare Plans


  • Premium savings can purchase additional coverage such as vision and dental coverage
  • Premiums remain the same throughout the term of the policy
  • Term health insurance enrollment is open throughout the year compared to the limited enrollment period for Marketplace plans
  • Term health insurance has premiums up to fifty percent less than Marketplace plan premiums
  • Term health plans allow you to choose the coverage for your needs
  • Term health plans have a broad range of providers and insurance is accepted by most doctors and hospitals


  • Enrollees in term health plans subject to Affordable Care Act uninsured tax penalty*
  • Excludes coverage for some conditions (e.g. maternity care is excluded)
  • Health evaluation is part of the application approval process
  • Term health insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions
  • Pre-existing conditions or poor health may prevent term insurance coverage
  • Prescription drug coverage may not be included (NationsHealthInsurance.com's offers a discount card for prescription drugs)

*Often term health insurance offers considerable savings over Marketplace plans even factoring in the cost of the uninsured tax penalty.

Term health insurance may be your best option if you want low cost premiums, want to go to a healthcare provider of your choice, and want protection from the high cost of a serious illness or injury. Compare the cost of a NationsHealthInsurance.com term health plan to see how much you can save.

Term Health Insurance Plans