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Short Term Medical Insurance: Why you should Choose Companion Protect?

Life is unpredictable and it's important to keep your family and yourself protected from sudden illness or accidents. Whatever reason caused the loss of your health insurance, don't put your future at risk. Short term medical insurance can protect you until permanent insurance is available. offers consumers a solution with Companion Protect Short Term Health Insurance. This plan covers medical expenses like any other health insurance plan but for a predetermined period of time. Companion Protect has a wide range of deductible and co-insurance options with coverage up to $1 million per covered person per coverage term.

Short term health insurance is an ideal choice for people who are:

  • Part-time employees
  • People waiting to enroll in a Marketplace plan
  • People who have lost their job based insurance
  • People who have to wait for job based insurance to start
  • People without health insurance coverage
  • Recent graduates
  • Temporary employees

Top coverage features of Companion Protect Medical Insurance

  • Coverage up to $1 million per covered person per coverage term
  • Coverage terms up to 364 day (some states limit coverage to six months)
  • Coverage for doctor visits and urgent care after $50 co-payment
  • Deductible options from $250 to $7,500
  • Co-insurance options of 50/50 or 80/20 percent up to $5,000 and 100 percent coverage thereafter up to lifetime maximum
  • Deductible is satisfied after three covered individuals meet their deductible for other covered individuals
  • Child only coverage only for children 2 years of age and older
  • Freedom to choose doctor and hospital of choice

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